CryptoCuppaz is a collection of pixel art coffee orders that you can mint as NFTs.

Mint price is 0.05 ETH

Welcome to 32 Bitcoin Cafe, the latest project from the 32 Bit Cafe community!

We're excited to offer our members the opportunity to own a unique piece of our community's history and identity with our CryptoCuppaz.

Each CryptoCuppa is one-of-a-kind, with its own unique style and personality. As NFTs, they're a digital asset that you can own and trade, giving you a stake in our community's ongoing mission to revive the independent, personal spirit of the 90s-style web.

At 32 Bitcoin Cafe, we're committed to exploring new ways to engage with our members and build a stronger community. With this project, we're combining our love of coffee and pixel art with the cutting-edge decentralised technology of NFTs, creating something truly special and unique.

We hope you'll join us in this exciting new venture and become a part of the 32 Bitcoin Cafe community. Whether you're a coffee lover, a blockchain pioneer, or just someone who shares our vision for a more independent, personal web, there's a place for you here.

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and explore our collection of CryptoCuppaz. Who knows – you might just find the perfect addition to your digital collection!


Each CryptoCuppa is unique. Find the rarest ones among 20,000 possible combinations.

  • Test
    66% – Common
  • Cup1
    20% – Rare
  • Cup2
    5% – Epic
  • Cup3
    1% – Legendary


  • 20,000 unique cuppaz

    Each cuppa is generated automatically by combining 245 traits using AI technology trained on the life work of the best human artists. Don't worry, they don't get royalties.
  • Community wallet

    We will create a shared wallet to fund the best community projects. In exactly one month's time we'll probably cash it out and make for the Bahamas like every other NFT project, but hey, maybe this time will be different!
  • Truly yours

    You can do everything you want with your CryptoCuppaz. Even resell them! Copyright, however, stays with us. What, you thought NFTs gave you *actual* ownership? Hahahahaha no.


Women owned enterprise. #HustleBitches 

  • Me3
    Community manager

    Founder of our community

  • Aztecg7
    Full Stack Dev



  • 1

    CryptoCuppaz merch

    Exclusive CryptoCuppaz merch is coming soon! Show the world you're a gullible crypto nerd with tees, mugs and stickers 🔥

  • 2

    Exclusive club

    All holders will be invited to the exclusive club, where they will be able to hang out until we inevitably pull the rug and shut everything down.

  • 3


    Bring your CryptoCuppaz to the metaverse! Stay tuned for more metaverse updates. The latest update is that the Metaverse fucking sucks, but hey, there's always tomorrow!



You ask – we tell.

before they're gone